Initio 3 PSU. Simple and effective upgrade

Initio 3 truly linear power supply

Many of our customers asked for a more affordable linear power supply than the OPTIMO 3 DUO, the best power supply in our portfolio so far. And this is what we intend to deliver with the Initio 3.

Fundamentally based on the OPTIMO 3 DUO design, we carefully optimized cost to preserve as much performance of the bigger brother as possible.

We are finalizing mechanical design and preparing for the launch. The first batch of the Initio 3 will be produced in January 2021.



The Initio 3 will be a truly linear power supply with 5V or 12V DC output and 3A maximum output current. Based on the OPTIMO 3 DUO design, it will use the same ultra low-noise linear voltage regulators for superb performance.


The Initio 3 will feature two DC outputs that will share common regulator board. Both will have the same voltage and total output current of 3A. The DC outputs will share common ground, keep that in mind when intend to use both of them. The Initio 3 will be supplied with one DC cable – if required, second cable will be available as an option.


High quality bespoke transformer with electrical and magnetical shield will be used. Its centre is sealed with epoxy resin for low noise operation.


The Initio 3 is made of high quality components. All capacitors, sockets and connectors are of quality that you would expect from a JCAT product.

DC output CABLE

The Initio 3 will be supplied with one 1.2m shielded DC cable. Substantial 0.8mm2 cross section of conductors will ensure proper energy transfer to load. The cable will come with high quality connectors.


The Initio 3 chassis will be made of single sheet of bended steel for high rigidity and low mechanical resonance.


All above information and specifications are preliminary/prototype and the final product may vary.


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