Experience superior audio streaming with JCAT’s premium network switches. Expertly designed for audiophiles, these switches ensure ultra-low noise, minimal jitter, and optimized performance for high-resolution audio playback. Elevate your networked audio setup with JCAT.


A Gigabit Ethernet network device designed to eliminate noise from your audio network. This plug & play solution offers galvanic isolation, preventing unwanted current flow, ground loops, and AC hum, resulting in a pure, interference-free sound. Ideal for enhancing the quality of music streamed over a network. Install close to your network audio components for optimal performance and pair with JCAT LAN cables for the best sound quality.


OPT BRIDGE 1000M Optical Isolator

This device optimizes your audio network, significantly enhancing dynamics, presence, and resolution for both streaming services and local playback. Built with optimized optical isolation in a sturdy enclosure, For the pinnacle of sound quality, combine with M12 SWITCH GOLD (PREMIUM) and power with OPTIMO 3 DUO PSU.

m12 switch premium

Recognized as a precision network conditioner by elite audiophiles, this switch is the enhanced successor to the M12 SWITCH GOLD. Designed for extreme audiophiles, it ensures reliable network communication even under strong vibration or impact, courtesy of its M12 connector. Experience a drastic improvement in sound quality, witnessing smoother tones, detailed trebles, and an expansive sound stage. Built to last, it boasts of a sturdy aluminum die-cast chassis and offers optional high-end LAN cables and power supply for an unmatched auditory journey. Widely used in the ultra high-end recording studio TRPTK, this switch comes highly recommended by experts and media alike.