Pioneering Power Perfection. Dive deep into a world where ultra-low noise meets truly linear design. Each power supply in our OPTIMO lineup is meticulously engineered with the finest audio-grade components to elevate every sonic detail.


OPTIMO nano audiophile power upgrade

State-of-the-art power supply upgrade set designed to filter and enhance power from both computers and audiophile-grade power supplies, revitalizing JCAT cards and other 5V components for peak performance.

optimo diy

OPTIMO DIYFor the dedicated DIY audiophile, the OPTIMO DIY offers the chance to integrate JCAT’s award-winning linear power supply technology found in the OPTIMO 3 DUO into their own setups.

initio 3
JCAT initio 3 - 5V audiophile linear power supply

The INITIO 3 is a hand-assembled, truly linear power supply unit designed for superior sonic performance, offering an entry into high-end audio. Drawing inspiration from the OPTIMO 3 DUO design, INITIO 3 is equipped with top-tier components and promises enhanced sound quality for JCAT USB & NET cards or any audio component requiring up to 3A, all encased in a rigid steel chassis with an elegant anodized aluminum front.

optimo 3 duo


The OPTIMO 3 DUO stands as the pinnacle of linear power supplies for dedicated audiophiles seeking unparalleled sound excellence. Hand-assembled to perfection, this no-compromise power supply utilizes JCAT’s proprietary technologies, delivering an astonishingly noiseless (< 2uV) and stable power output. With two independent galvanically isolated DC outputs, a bespoke transformer, and supreme quality components, OPTIMO 3 DUO unlocks the full sonic potential of your hi-fi system, wrapped in a high-rigidity stainless steel chassis with a touch of elegant anodized aluminum.



Step into the pinnacle of high-end audio. Beyond the acclaimed OPTIMO 3 DUO, we introduce the ULTIMO – our statement piece. Crafted with precision and engineered for those who refuse to compromise.



The OPTIMO S ATX by JCAT is the world’s first 100% linear ATX power supply meticulously crafted for high-end audiophiles, ensuring optimal audio playback by eliminating common power-related limitations in PC-based Hi-Fi systems. Combining hand-assembled quality with extensive research, it promises unparalleled sonic performance, safety, and wide compatibility, using only the best components in its design.