JCAT offers innovative, no-compromise streaming-specific products for high-end audio playback: the finest technically advanced digital audio upgrades for music servers.

usb enhancer

USB ENHANCER removes power noise in audio setup

Improves sound quality by connecting to a USB port and eliminating power supply related noise. 

usb isolator

Hi-end galvanic USB Audio hi-speed isolator for computer audiophiles

The USB Isolator blocks PC noise, reconstructs a clean USB signal, and enhances sound quality using Intona’s isolation technology, supporting all USB-audio formats in a brushed aluminum housing. Ideal for various audio transports.



hi-end audiophile pcie usb audio output card with femto clock

The USB Card FEMTO provides audiophile-grade USB audio output for DACs, using top-tier components and Femto Clock Technology to eliminate PC noise and ensure optimal sound quality. This PCI Express USB Audio Card is plug-and-play, supporting all lossless formats and sample rates, and further enhances performance when paired with JCAT power supplies.



audiophile network adapter card for streaming music

The NET Card FEMTO is the premiere audiophile network card designed specifically for high-fidelity music streaming over LAN, turning a PC into a high-end music server. Leveraging FEMTO Clock Technology and top-grade components, it ensures reduced jitter, ultra-low noise, and enhanced music playback from both cloud services and local networks.



NET CARD XE hifi network card

The NET Card XE sets a new benchmark in network audio playback, designed explicitly for high-end audio systems. With an ultra-precise ±5ppb OCXO and advanced power supply technology, it ensures unparalleled sound clarity from services like TIDAL, Qobuz, and local music libraries. Compatible with any PC having a PCIe slot, this card delivers an unmatched sonic experience, further validated by its use in elite recording studios.



Experience unparalleled audio quality with the USB Card XE EVO. This upgraded model features an SMA connector for an external Master OCXO Clock, latest linear voltage regulators with 2X lower noise levels, a built-in EMI noise reduction filter, and firmware optimized for superior sound. 



Master OCXO Module with USB XE Card

Elevate your audio experience to unparalleled heights with JCAT’s Master OCXO Clock Upgrade. Tailored to enhance the JCAT USB XE Card, this first-ever in-house developed Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO) Master Clock Generator offers exceptional sound quality transformation. Featuring ultra-low noise and remarkable stability, it ensures the purest and most precise sound.  Experience a dramatic difference in your audiophile journey, complete with a hassle-free worldwide upgrade service for USB XE owners. External power supply options available for optimal performance.

Note: USB Card XE/EVO sold separately.



Enhance the sound quality of your music server with the world’s first audiophile flash storage, the M.2 FEMTO SSD. Specially designed for supreme audio quality, it incorporates top-tier audiophile components and an ultra-precise master FEMTO clock generator. The distinctive low-noise pSLC flash mode ensures a more authentic and three-dimensional music experience. With the M.2 FEMTO SSD, experience noise reduction at its source for high-resolution music files. This plug-and-play SSD is available in two capacities and boasts features like ultra-low noise linear regulators, gold-plated connectors, and Femto Clock Technology for minimal jitter. For optimal performance, pair with JCAT power supplies.