OPTIMO nano power supply upgrade
OPTIMO nano power supply upgrade with high-quality dc cable
OPTIMO nano audiophile power upgrade
OPTIMO nano power supply upgrade with USB Card XE and SSE
OPTIMO nano power supply upgradeOPTIMO nano power supply upgrade with high-quality dc cableOPTIMO nano audiophile power upgradeOPTIMO nano power supply upgrade with USB Card XE and SSE



Power supply upgrade set for JCAT USB / NET cards & SSD offering exceptional sonic improvement.


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Elevate your computer audio TO the next level.

Filters and enhances power coming from computer or almost any ‘audiophile grade’ power supply on the market. It will revitalize JCAT cards and allow them to express their full potential.



  • 5V DC / 2A power supply active filter and buffer.
  • Designed and fine-tuned for best possible sound quality, OPTIMO nano buffers and filters typically very noisy 5V DC power supply coming from computer or so called ‘audiophile grade’ power supplies.
  • Features linear low impedance output stage based on the design of JCAT flagship linear power supplies.
  • Input voltage is filtered by active stage and buffered on top quality low impedance audiophile capacitors from Japan, vastly improving dynamic response.
  • Comes standard with dual-lead high-quality teflon insulated, silver plated 18AWG DC cables. Default output connectors: 1x LP4 MOLEX (for JCAT cards) and 1x SATA (for SSD). Output connectors can be customized to match customer’s device. (only 5V devices are supported)
  • Plug & play.
  • Superb build quality: 70um gold plated PCB, top quality components, design optimized for low impedance and short signal path.
  • Features multiple protection mechanisms to guarantee safe and trouble-free operation for many years.


Who is OPTIMO nano for?

For audiophiles looking for serious sound quality improvement who:

a) don’t have a linear power supply tuned for best sound quality to power JCAT cards or SSD.

b) don’t want to invest in INITIO, OPTIMO DUO or OPTIMO S ATX power supplies.

c) have already ‘audiophihle grade’ power supply and don’t want to replace it with a different product, but instead improve the PSU they already have. 

d) don’t have room for adding a separate box power supply – OPTIMO nano is installed inside PC and takes no extra space.

What kind of performance can I expect from using OPTIMO nano?

During development we tested many power supplies and we’ve seen noise levels even up to 30 – 40 mV. OPTIMO nano drives this into uV range – close to more or less not measurable value.

Below you can see output from so called ‘HIFi PSU’:

Output from HIFi switching PSU

Output from ‘HiFi PSU’ filtered by OPTIMO nano:

Output from HiFi switching PSU filtered by OPTIMO nano

How to install OPTIMO nano?

Simply connect between your computer power supply and a device (e.g. USB Card):

OPTIMO nano connection scheme

  1. Connect LP4 molex cable from your computer PSU to the INPUT on the right side of OPTIMO nano.
  2. Use the included high-quality DC cable that comes with OPTIMO nano; connect LP4 molex to the OUTPUT of OPTIMO nano on the left side.
    The other end of the DC cables goes into a device (JCAT card or SSD)
  3. You can put the OPTIMO nano loose inside PC enclosure or use the self-adhesive tape that is in the baseplate of OPTIMO nano.

    Which devices can be powered by OPTIMO nano?

  • All JCAT cards; USB Card FEMTO, NET Card FEMTO, USB Card XE & NET Card XE.
  • SSDs and HDDs (models using 5V voltage only).
  • Any other 5V / 2A device (with a custom cable)

How many devices can I power with a single OPTIMO nano set?

One JCAT card and one SSD or two SSDs. Powering two JCAT cards and two SSDs two OPTIMO nano sets.


Dimensions8 × 5 × 4 cm


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