audiophile high-end dc power cable
audiophile high-end dc power cable

High-End DC Power Cables


No compromise audiophile DC power cables.


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No compromise audiophile-grade OCC wires & shielding result in a remarkable audio experience

The JCAT DC cables extract true performance of a linear power supply that is masked by poor quality of generic DC cables included with a PSU. Replace those with JCAT and experience the sound on a completely new level.



      • No compromise audiophile-grade DC power cables that can be tailor made for your PSU and needs: motherboard CPU (world premiere), SATA drives, USB/NET Card etc. Pictured is a 4-pin ATX 5V to 2x SATA DC cable for use with the HD-PLEX 400W ATX PSU
      • Multistrand OCC wires made up of up to 221 ultra pure fine copper strands. OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) wires developed by Professor Ohno at the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan are used to eliminate impurities and grain boundaries which degrade conduction and consequent sound quality. Contrary to other copper wires, OCC copper is ultra (99.9999%) pure which allows the cleanest possible conduction
      • Advanced shielding prevents noise interference and guarantees a remarkable audio experience
      • Dramatic improvement of sound quality & image quality
      • More natural tone that is closer to analogue
      • The positive effect will improve up to one week from the installation
      • Once the DC cable is installed, the same directionality must be used to maintain the best sound quality
      • If the DC power cable for e.g. HD-PLEX PSU is ordered, it is designed to work exclusively with HD-PLEX PSU. Therefore the cable must not be used with other power supplies for safety reasons.
      • Motherboard DC power cable for CPU, a world premiere in computer audio, has the biggest impact on sound quality
      • Please specify the DC connectors and make/model of your power supply when placing the order. Available connectors and options included in the price are: motherboard 4-pin ATX (CPU), 2x DC jack 5,5/2,1mm, 2x SATA (pictured). The standard length is 1.4m