audiophile grade linear PSU for pc-audio
audiophile linear ATX power supply for desktop PC
audiophile grade linear PSU for pc-audioaudiophile linear ATX power supply for desktop PC

400W PC Linear Power Supply


Replaces noisy switching mode computer power supply and guarantees huge sound quality gains.



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Eliminate noisy switching power supply and enjoy great sound from a PC

Plug & Play linear PSU that powers a complete PC with accessories and ensures playback quality at a high-end level. An ultimate computer audio upgrade. 


    • R-core hi-end power transformer, ELNA audiophile grade capacitors & EMI/RFI filter deliver highest performance
    • Heavy duty aluminum chassis & butterfly heatsink panel provide stable and 100% silent operation
    • All cables required for powering a complete PC with SATA drives and JCAT USB Card FEMTO included
    • No DC-DC converter required (e.g. PicoPSU)
    • Input voltage: 110V/240V AC (MAX 260V AC)
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 32 x 23.5 x 9.5 cm

Black, Silver