2 thoughts on “Install Guide – XE-series cards and OPTIMO nano PSU

  1. Roger Martin says:

    I am interested in building a music server based on your components. Do you offer any type of instructional guide on how to do so? I have built many computers before but never a music server. Thank you.

    1. Marcin Ostapowicz says:

      Hi Roger,

      Thank you for your comment.

      If you built computers in the past, you will have no issues budiling a music server, because essentially it’s is a PC. What differentiates music servers from normal PCs are a few extra components such as the USB Card for a USB DAC, the NET Card if you want to improve streamed music and a power supply – for the complete server or at least for the cards the PSU should be ‘audiophile’ grade. I hope this is helpful.

      Best regards,

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