A Gigabit switching hub for high-end network audio

A dedicated precision switching hub that brings the world of network audio into a completely different stage. Named as a precision network conditioner by high-end audiophiles, the M12 SWITCH GOLD conveys the full density of sound and a subtle feeling of the air. Its high frequency range is transparent, and the mid and bass areas are clear with high S/N. Enjoy the new sound dimension that only the M12 SWITCH GOLD can provide.

M12 SWITCH GOLD for high-end network audio

m12 switch for the harsh industrial environments

From harsh industrial environments to high performance audio streaming

Computer audio requires not only hi-fi components such as speakers and DACs, but also network related items such as routers and NAS. Thus, convenience that is not known in conventional audio systems has become available, but also new issues such as network knowledge and know-how arised. Based on the above changes in the audio industry, manufacturers specializing in networks are beginning to focus on the development of audio products.

Japan Telegärtner Limited, a manufacturer of ultra reliable networking connectors and electronics for harsh industrial environments has developed a series of items to improve the sound quality of network audio.

M12 Connector

The key feature of the M12 GOLD SWITCH is the fact that it adopts an industrial round connector called the M12 connector. It is not a rectangular connector RJ - 45 that is mounted in ordinary household electronics, but an industrial connector that enables more reliable signal transmission. This connector is used at the site where more sophisticated data transmission is required (e.g. for railroad). The connector is not commonly known, but has wide market share in industrial use. The M12 connector is fully shielded.

M12 connector

M12 SWITCH GOLD audiophile network switch usage


A high-end audiophile will need less than 10 seconds to acknowledge its obvious effect. Usage is the same as with a regular network switch: connect the M12 SWITCH GOLD to a router, next connect all your network devices to the M12 SWITCH GOLD - a network player/DAC, a music server, a NAS or a PC transport – and enjoy a huge improvement in sound quality instantly. There are five M12 network ports on the switch and an M12 power input for the included dedicated power supply. Because the shape of the M12 connector is different from the standard RJ -45 connector for home use, two high quality M12 – RJ-45 cables of 2.0m length are included with the M12 SWITCH GOLD.

Aboard the International Space Station (ISS)

The M12 SWITCH GOLD comes with two LAN cables with the M12 connector on one side, which brings you an immediate use of the switch (extra cables can be ordered at an additional cost). The length of the attached LAN cables can be chosen among several variations. The LAN cables utilize MFP8 Gold plug on a device side, the same as being used at the International Space Station (ISS). The MFP8 Gold cable received the prestigious Gold medal at Audio Accessory Excellence Awards in Japan.

MFP8 Gold plug high-end ethernet audio connector



m12 switch gold in the ultra hi-end recording studio trptk


  • standards: IEEE 802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3ab
  • layer-2 data transfer function: data transfer method: store-and-forward
  • MAC address table: 8k entries
  • Packet memory buffer: 500KB
  • Jumbo frame (maximum packet length): 9.6KB
  • forwarding rate (unicast data transfer): TP/LAN port 1000Mbps link: 1,488,100 packets/s between ports TP/LAN port 100Mbps link: 148,810 pacekts/s between ports
  • interface/ connector:
    TP/LAN (Ethernet) port: 10/100/1000BASE-T (automatic recognition) x 5 ports connector: M12X-coded(male)plug IEC61076-2-109Ed.1.0 cable: 4 pair Category 6 or above S/FTP cable (MA0001C0x00)
  • DC power input port: 1 port
  • connector: M12 T-coded (female) plug
  • pin assignment: #1/#2: DC+, #3/#4: DC-
  • power adapter: included in the set (medical grade), without AC power cable
  • dimension and functionality of the unit:
    chassis material: aluminium die-cast (alumite surface treatment)
    class of the unit & connector: IP67 (including connectors)
    external dimension: 70 (W) x 200 (L) x 50 (H) mm
    weight: 1.5 kg
  • DC input specifications:
    input voltage: DC 10 V -- 60 V
    Power consumption: 6W max
    protection function: over-current protection, reverse polarity protection (automatic inversion)
  • ambient specifications:
    operating temperature: -40 -- +70 °C
    operating humidity: 5 -- 95 %RH (without condensation)
    storage temperature: -40 -- +85 °C


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